Mainone connect first VoLTE voice call over the new Cat-M1 mobile network.

LTE Cat-M1 is a new standard in communication designed for data communication with M2M, IoT and wearable products. The standard that is under test in Sweden has not yet been commercially released to the market. The LTE Cat-M1 is very low-power, but unlike many other low-power standards, it also supports voice calls via VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

The platform that Mainone has developed will be used in a new security alarm product from Malmö company Vevios. The new power-saving technology means that despite its minimal size and ergonomic design, GPS positioning, feedback alarms and voice calls with battery times are far beyond the ordinary. Read more about Vevio’s security alarm at

The technology consulting company Mainone is looking forward to further development and use of the new communication standard. The platform is ready and in the final phase of testing. “We see great opportunities with this platform for individual positioning, fleet management, logistics, wearables, and other applications that require cheap and power-efficient mobile connection” says Mainone’s development engineers of the platform Derry Malmberg and Jimmy Pedersen. Read more about Mainone technology consulting company at

The connection has been made in close collaboration with Telenor, the operator that was the first to roll out the VoLTE CAT-M1 in its masts.